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LM-10 Forms, NLRB Case Employer Addresses, and More

December 04, 2023 | Permalink

LM-10 Forms

Employers who hire labor relations consultants (union-busters) or who have financial dealing with union officials have to file a LM-10 form with the Department of Labor disclosing that activity.

The database now has these LM-10 filings, updated nightly.

These are a good complement to the LM-20 and LM-21 forms that we already scrape nightly.

One shortcoming of these forms is that they are all at the firm level. They do not disclose information about the specific establishment where the employers are trying to suppress unionization.

It would be good to get these forms amended so they did include that information.

Voluntary Recognitions

We have added the NLRB voluntary recognitions notifications for the second and third quarter of 2023.

The NLRB was planning on rescinding the Trump-era rule that the NLRB had to be given notice of a voluntary recognition in order for union to enjoy a period of protection from an NLRB certification election. It looks like the new rule was supposed to be finalized this fall, but for some reason it looks it has not. Does anyone have an idea about why not?

I’ll keep on asking for these notices quarterly, until the data stops.

NLRB Participant Addresses

The NLRB’s website lists participants in a case, but does not provide the full address of the employer and unions involved, just the city, state and zip code.

I submitted a FOIA request, and now we have the full address for participating. employers and unions for all case in the NxGen system through September 15, 2023.

These data are useful for identifying the particular establishment of the employer, not just firm, and for figuring out which union local was involved in an NLRB case.

I have updated the participant table of the nlrb database with these more complete addresses.

In the course of making these improvements, I found that I wasn’t fully capturing the role of participants (petitioner, intervener, etc), and that I was even missing some participants in the database. The scraping schedule has been adjusted to prioritize fixing these data issues, and they should be addressed in a few weeks.

Note: the names and addresses of individual persons who are parties to NLRB cases have been redacted.

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